Sapiens ideology

Are you also Sapiens?


This is the website Sapiens. You like knowledge and you are looking to improve your performance in sports. You are searching for relevant information and sustainable and quality products. You are logical in your thinking, you care for your family and you like to be responsible to the environment.


This is the ideal website for your, our cave.


We are the people who believe in building a better reality nowadays.


Social and environmental responsibility consists of different brands with shared values:


  • Technological and innovative vision.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Sustainability.


But with certain selection criteria:

-Filter systems, in order that all products and services come from companies with the same ethical and sustainable philosophy.

-Guarantees, which ensure the quality of both, the raw materials and the manufacturing processes.

-If you have any questions about sustainability of our products, contact us, and we will do our best to resolve your uncertainties and doubts as soon as possible.


Brands that make the difference and which are also sustainable.


We respect ourselves, the environment and others.


If we do not consume responsibly, how can we consume?

We can make better decisions if we take into account the working conditions, the environment and the actual need to purchase a product or not.


 Don’t buy it!

New concept of online purchasing.

We like to know what and why we buy, and what the benefits are.


How we are the Sapiens?


1.We build open and sincere relationships. What would a Sapiens be if he/she did not interact with others?

2.We make a conscious effort against inertia. We know that new becomes old, and old becomes very old.

3.We learn from other members of Sapiens community. You personally may not know the answer to something, but for sure our team will endeavour to help you and resolve the problem.

4.We seek to evolve by overcoming new challenges. Achieving an ethical, real and sustainable growth.

5.We are not afraid of showing our weirdest and most unique facet.  This way we are going to have so much fun.

6.We are a humble team of Sapiens. We know that if we want and trust, life can be simple and easy.

7.Caring for the environment in which we live. And that so many things are provided for our survival.